Henry Jones Developer Portfolio

Final Pioneer

Project start date: September 2018

The Project

  • Final Year Team Module

  • 3-month prototype project

  • Made with Unity

  • Written in C#

  • Models made with blender

  • Git version control 

  • Agile & Scrum methodology

  • Mongo DB

  • Java SpringBoot RESTful API Service

Game Features

  • Procedural planet & resources

  • Resource Gathering

  • Dynamic multiplayer market

  • Crafting

  • Combat

  • Questing

  • Inventories

  • Day / Night Cycle

  • Persistent saves 

  • Skill Trees & more

Final Pioneer is a single player first-person sci-fi RPG. You play as the only survivor from a ship crash that leaves you stranded on a hostile planet. The game allows the player to explore the randomly generated planet to collect resources that are also randomly generated around the planet. You can sell these resources on a dynamic market that is affected by other players as all players share the same market. The player is able to complete quests to progress through the story which will involve challenges that involve eliminating enemy outposts and more.

The Team

The game was built with a 3 man team, we all heavily contributed to the game code as well as having individual roles in the team to help organize the project.


  • Henry Jones: Design Lead - Responsible for creating the game assets, in charge of design choices and created the game media.


  • Arron Burch: Technical Lead - Responsible for managing the code repository, reviewing & maintaining code standards and designing the architecture of the internal systems.


  • Niall Francis: Team Lead - Responsible for organizing meetings, producing development roadmaps, distributing workloads and taking the lead for presentations.