Henry Jones Developer Portfolio


Project start date: October 2016

  • 48 Hour Game Jam

  • Team of 3

  • Lead Programmer

  • Made with Unity

  • Written in C#

Pilltastrophe is a game made for the "Games for better" 48-hour game jam. I entered in a team with two course-mates. The theme of the game jam was antibiotic resistance, hopefully, the games made during the game jam will help educate more people about the threat of antibiotic resistance in a fun and exciting way.


As it was our first game jam we didn’t want to be too ambitious and kept it simple. We decided to turn the fact that some bacteria have DNA strands that could mutate and become resistant to certain antibiotics as a mechanic. We went for a matching game. The game will present you with a number of bacteria and a selection of pills. Each bacteria have 2 coloured strands, each pill also has two colours. The colours of the DNA strands represent what colours the bacteria is resistant to, so you have to use an antibiotic that doesn’t match those two colours on that bacteria.


There are also 3 last resort pills that act as lives. These will get used up every time you use an antibiotic on a bacteria that is resistant to it. It might not sound too difficult, that’s why we added a timer. The timer really adds pressure and makes the game fairly challenging.