Henry Jones Developer Portfolio


Released May 2019


  • Solo Project

  • Made with Unity

  • Written in C#

  • Art made with Photoshop

  • Music made with Figure

  • Continued development for release 

  • 15 levels​

  • 4 Player Couch Co-op​

Ricoshape is a competitive local multiplayer game. You can switch between 3 different shapes, each fires a projectile of that shape. Your objective is to take out all opponents, to do so you must shoot them with a projectile that matches the shape they currently are. You're immune to all projectiles that are not the same shape as you which results with them being bouncing off around the arena. The projectiles fired persist permanently until they kill a player. This results in each arena getting more and more chaotic as the round progresses. 


Check out some of the gifs to see the power-ups I've been adding. To stay up to date with the development you can follow me on Twitter. 


The game has gone through several iterations. Below are a couple of examples of changes made. For example, when adding support for 4 players I needed a menu system that could support more levels and the ability to turn on/off power-ups. 


Old Level Art