Henry Jones Developer Portfolio

Stranger Life

Project start date: September 2016

  • Second Year Project

  • Made with Unity

  • Written in C#

  • Models made with AutoDesk Max

  • Textures made with Photoshop

  • Music made with Figure

  • Sound assets edited In Audacity

  • Git version control

Stranger life is a project made for a design module in my second year of university. It's an interactive experience where you play as a photographer who takes lots of photos of the city they live in. As you go through your life as a photographer you notice the same strangers in the street at different points in their life. When you look at all the pictures you’ve taken you can see the big life events including; a first date, getting married and having a baby.


I really enjoyed this module and seeing all the models made come together to provide an environment for the player to interact with. Below are some screenshots of the project

Heading 1