Henry Jones Developer Portfolio

The Phaze

Project start date: September 2016

  • Made using GameMaker

  • Coded in GML

  • Art  assets made using Photoshop

  • SFX made in Audacity

  • Made during gap year before university

The Phaze is the first game I ever made. I developed it before coming to university alongside full-time employment as I wanted to start making my own games. This project gave me my first experience coding which I really enjoyed. 


The game is a 2D platformer which features a phase mechanic that allows you to phase through walls. Though the player will need to use it for much more than that if they want to survive. There is a lot I would love to go back and change, however, I think the game shows some great level design and introduces the player to new mechanics at a nice pace by forcing them to use the phaze ability in different scenarios to complete the level. I remember very precisely planning out each level to create a variety of different challenges involving the phasing mechanic to keep the gameplay interesting.

The Phaze complete walkthrough

The video below shows the complete walkthrough of the game including all the hidden stars. As you can see the complexity & difficulty gradually increase to become quite challenging