Henry Jones Developer Portfolio

Tower Defence Prototype

Project start date: July 2016

  • Summer Project between first & second year at university 

  • Unity 

  • Coding in C#

  • Models made with Maya

After my first year at university, I was very excited to have started developing my own games I decided to work on a 3D tower defense game. It was really cool to see the models I made come to life in Unity. This project taught me a lot as I had not yet come across a lot of the skills needed to achieve some of my features.


I managed to give each turret a unique ability and have them shooting enemies before they reach the end of the path. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to finish the project however the experience was extremely useful. 


The videos below demonstrate some of the functionality of the game. Although at the time of writing it all seems rather basic, when I developed this was very happy with what I managed to achieve.


Turret Purchasing